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Cellgene Bioscience was founded
〖 2017-08-11 | 点击 1702 〗
Demanded by the business development, Shanghai BlueGene Biotech Co.,Ltd  has set up a new company named Cellgene Bioscience with 99% share holding in August 11st, 2017.

Logo of Cellgene Bioscience

Cellgene Bioscience was established following with CellGene Biotech
 in the same year of 2017, located at Shanghai International Medical Park. Cellgene Bioscience focus on life science and biotechnology field, which sets product research and development, production, sales as a professional company. The major part of Cellgene Bioscience is set for the GMP manufacturing and logistic uses, covering a total area of more than 600 square meters. It is located in Shanghai international medical park, which is a modern medical science city with advanced technology, beautiful environment and harmonious ecology, which means that Cellgene Bioscience has a unique and favorable development platform. On the basis of the original development, Cellgene Bioscience will help the company to realize short-term planning and long-term strategy.

Logo of Cellgene Bioscience                                        Background wall
Entrance to Background wall 
lab experimental area
GMP total covers more than 600 square meters

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