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Our dedicated team of PhD-level scientists is available to aid in experimental design. The protein expression group will work with you to help meet your project needs.
1)Baculovirus expression system
Baculovirus expression system allows expression of glycosylated proteins that can’t be expressed using E.coli or yeasts.
It is a very useful system for expression of proteins in high quantity. Genes are not expressed continuously because infected
host cells will eventually lyse and die during each infection cycle.

2)E. coli expression system
E. coli is one of the most widely used expression hosts, and DNA is normally introduced in
a plasmid expression vector. The techniques for overexpression in E. coli are well developed and
work by increasing the number of copies of the gene or increasing the binding strength of the
promoter region so assisting transcription.
3)Yeast expression system
The major advantages of yeast expression system are: high yield, high productivity,
chemically defined media, product processing similar to mammalian cells, stable production strains,
durability, lower protein production cost.
4)Mammalian Expression System
Mammalian cells have the ability to perform most comprehensive post-translational modifications
and to secrete glycoproteins that are correctly folded and contain complex antennary oligosaccharides
with terminal sialic acid. Mammalian cells are widely used in the production of recombinant proteins,
antibodies, virus, viral-subunit proteins, and gene-therapy vectors. Large-scale and fast mammalian transient
system for protein expression is of great concerns to researchers conducting drug discovery projects.

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